Friday, February 17, 2012

Fieldrunners Drylands Perfect Strategy

This guide is the cheapest way to get to perfect victory in Extended/Classic - Easy - Drylands map. No need for extra weapons and long paths... Only as much as needed.

To begin with, place 3 gatlings as shown
By round 3, place 2 more gatlings, top then bottom
By round 6, add 4 gatlings, 1 top, 2 center, another 1 top.
By round 10, fully upgrade the middle 2, top 2, then first bottom gatlings. Upgrade as soon as you get money.
As and when you get money, fully upgrade all the previous gatlings, and then, if possible, place the column of gatlings, top to down, all together (by pausing the game).

Now wait for 70$ and build a Tesla tower as shown in next picture.
Also, when available build a Goo tower, just above the Tesla.

Dont upgrade it yet.
By round 21, build another Tesla at the top.
By 23, build a Tesla at the bottom and a Goo next to it. Dont upgrade them yet.
By 26, build a Tesla and a Goo at the top. Dont upgrade them yet.
First build the Tesla, then as soon as you begin getting money, start adding gatlings in the centre from bottom up.
As soon as you get enough money, build the 2 Tesla's in the mentioned order.
Before putting the structures, UPGRADE ALL Goo's. As soon as you get money, build the Tesla's and the gatlings in the order mentioned.

Build as soon as you get. Pause if needed.
By round 47, you should have enough money to build the gatlings as shown.
Build the rest of the maze on the left part as shown. Build as and when you have money.

The idea is to increase the path.
Note that we do not have much damage in the long stretch of the path, its not needed.
Again by 52, you should have these structures in the order mentioned.

Get the Tesla and its goo together.
It is now that you begin upgrading the Tesla's.

Follow this order.
One level up for Top, then one level up for bottom,
This way upgrade the shown Tesla's to max, one by one.

Keep upgrading the rest, as and when you have money.
One level top, one level bottom. Till you have upgraded all Tesla's to max except the ones at the right half. They are just for safe, if some heli's might escape.

By round 82, all Tesla's should be at max, except right half ones.

Put Tesla's in the order mentioned and then upgrade them to max, in the same way as before.

One level for top, one level for bottom, as and when you have money.

This is almost enough, but still upgrade the right halves in the order mentioned. Upgrade the top one to max first.

After this nothing much to add, just sit back and enjoy ----

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