Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cheat for FieldRunners on any MAP or MODE

In this post, I'll show a way to hack the game FieldRunners to get as much money as you want.

This applies to all maps and all modes on Google Chrome browser (where the game was installed from the web store). Just repeat the procedure outline below everytime you want to hack-play.

WARNING: This is a little technical and you need to adhere to this guide for it to work the right way.

You have been warned ;)

Step1: Start the game normally till you come to choosing the map and mode.

Step2: Follow these instructions in the mentioned order

a) Open your console with the keystrokes (Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows/Linux Machines or Command + Shift + I on Mac machines). Then do as indicated in the figure order-wise and in the steps below

b) As indicated, first go to "SCRIPT" window.
c) Click the drop down circled "2".
d) Choose the file "FR.JS"
e) Click the curly braces as circled by "4".
f) Wait for the code to show up as in the figure.
g) Go to line 2385, (the line should say something like "this.mResources = 0 ...."
h) Where it is circled "5", click once to mark that line as "Breakpoint". It should show a blue color once this is done.
i) When all of this is done, choose your map and mode and click "START", all this while keeping this small window open.

Step3: When the game loads it will stop at this "SCRIPT" window and refer the below image for the next steps.

a) First click the button circled "1" or "F10" once.
b) Click on "CONSOLE" as circled "2".
c) Enter these lines of code, all at one go....

this.AddResources = function(a) {
                console.assert(a >= 0, "Subtracting a negative amount of resources is not allowed."), this.mResources += (a*5);
                var b = AchievementManager.GetSingleton();
                b.SetTotalAccumulatedWealth(b.GetTotalAccumulatedWealth() + (a*5))}

d) and press Enter. Voila you are done. (just one more step to finish these off)

Step4: First click the button circled "1" or "F8" once and then close this window with the circle marked "2".

It is done. Now for every kill you will get "5 TIMES THE NORMAL MONEY". 

This comes from the code you inserted. Notice the term "(a*5)" repeated twice in that code. You can change that to any value.

For eg., a*7 will mean you will get 7 TIMES THE NORMAL MONEY for every kill.

Very soon you will have loadza money and you can buy Mortars in 4-5 levels. :D

Have fun.

Below some images from some of my trials ....
Endless - Grasslands - Went on to 300 rounds with 20 lives, and then I got bored.

Classic - Grasslands - Just for fun, and this did finish a Perfect score.

Extended - Crossroads - Piece of cake :D

Just to prove the point that this works on any map and any mode...

Remember, each time you want this to happen, before STARTING/RESTARTING the game repeat all the steps one by one....


  1. How to unlock all maps without buy it?

  2. Command + Shift + I does nothing (I'm on Snow Leopard).